Ciclismo en superficies de grava

Tip 1
Ride in a straight line when possible when biking on gravel. Turning your wheel sharply can cause your tires to slip and the bike to fall on its side.

Tip 2
Look ahead and scan the horizon rather than directly in front of the wheel. This way you can see obstacles and have time to smoothly avoid them rather than have to react suddenly.

Tip 3

Try to use an easier (least resistance) gear when riding on gravel, you are less likely to unbalance if you hit a rough patch that slows the bike down suddenly. Also the bike will change gear faster and easier than if you were in a harder gear.

Tip 4

Change gears (down) before you need too when coming up to a hill, soft tyres on gravel surfaces lose momentum quickly.

Tip 5

When biking up a gradient try to stay seated and pedal in an easy gear, this will keep the weight over the rear tyre and reduce the chance that you will lose traction.

Tip 6

Don’t rely on one brake, always use both brakes and apply pressure smoothly and evenly. If your wheels stop suddenly, they could slide and possibly cause a crash.

Tip 7

Avoid braking too much when cornering. It is best to slow down enough before turning on gravel so that braking while turning is not necessary.

Tip 8

Try to take a high path around cambered corners. When cars go around they spit the gravel out, which then tends to roll down to the lowest point, creating a soft gravel hazard for bicycles

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