Hire your Surí eMTB and complete the Huella de los Glaciares trail


21 km

3 riders

Level: moderate

Cross the border between Argentina and Chile to reach the youngest and remotest town in Chilean Patagonia: Candelario Mansilla. And stress not, with our eBikes you won't even notice the uphill parts and the wind won't slow you down

Our eBikes give you the freedom to ride anywhere from quiet paths to challenging trails, making this route a real adventure. Now known as Huella de los Glaciares, this route crosses one of the most wonderful and remote parts of the border between Lago del Desierto (Argentina) and Lago O'Higgins (Chile). Starting in Candelario Mansilla, beside Lago O'Higgins in Chile, you can reach Lago del Desierto in Argentina, with parts of the journey surrounded by rivers and meandering streams, striking glaciers, beautiful forests, places that have marked the history of the region, and with the towering Monte Chaltén (also known as Monte Fitz Roy) overhead. This is where your Surí eBike adventure begins.

South to north route LAGO DEL DESIERTO to Candelario Mansilla (Lago O'Higgins)

21km of fun that you will never forget

This is an enjoyable ride with class 3 trails, some streams to cross and a class 4 uphill section.Details of the route:

Km. 0 (507m. SNM) - Trekking

You will leave from Punta Norte de Lago del Desierto where the Argentina border control is located. The adventure begins after enjoying the unique views and going through customs.

Km 3,3 (711m. SNM)

After this very steep climb, you will reach the highest point of the journey in the forest. Feel free to take this uphill part slowly, taking your time. Activate walk assist on your eBike so that you can walk next to your bicycle. Make sure to take in your surroundings. You will be surprised by the wonderful views to the south of Monte Fitz Roy, Monte Torre and the surrounding glaciers.

Km. 5,3 (693m. SNM) - eBike

This is the highlight of the adventure and most challenging part of this route. Inside Lengas forest, you will face swampy terrain, deep mud areas and log bridges that you will have to cross with your eBike on your shoulder. Never trek this section alone and always be ready to accept and provide assistance. Here you will go around the left side of Laguna Larga (the east side).

Km 6,1 (603m. SNM)

You will reach the milestone –the border between Argentina and Chile– where the gravel trail begins and you will enjoy a breather after this more intense section.

Km 10,2 (626m. SNM)

You will arrive at the aerodrome serving the area, always follow the busiest path that is well sign posted until you cross a bridge. If you get good weather, you will still be able to see the beautiful Monte Chaltén (3,405m).

Km 12,55 (522. SNM)

Here you will meet a huge estuary. Be careful when wading across! ** Never submerge the eBike motor** It may stop working and could be damaged

Km 15,4 (600m. SNM)

Here the path starts a steady downhill section, where you will be surprised by the intense colours of Lago O’Higgins and change in scenery. IMPORTANT: Be careful as you descend as there are cliff areas, and you need to have good control of the bike and use your brakes on the gravel and slope to avoid losing traction and enjoy the trip.

Km 20,1 - ADUANA

Carabineros de Chile (Chilean police force) control post. Here you can enjoy the views of Lago O’Higgins and the mountain range that surrounds the southern ice field. You will have to go through border control before continuing to the lake.


This is the end of the route. To celebrate this part of your adventure, at Surí we recommend a lovely cup of hot chocolate or an excellent Austral beer in good company.From there you can continue your trip to the impressive O’Higgins Glacier, or navigate the waters of the world’s third largest reserve of freshwater, until you reach Villa O’Higgins, and then continue along Carretera Austral.

Hire your Surí eBike to complete this route.

Lago del Desierto

to Candelario Mancilla

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