The first electric mountain bike rental in deep Patagonia.

Patagonia has no limits with our electric mountain bikes (eMTBs)

Experience the adventure of riding an eMTB from one end of Huella de los Glaciares to the other – the only thing that will take your breath away on this trail will be the landscapes.

An unforgettable journey connecting the remotest and most incredible parts of Patagonia riding a Surí eMTB.

This route connects the end of Chile's Carretera Austral with Argentina's Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

A journey you'll never forget.

Cycle through wild, tame-resistant Patagonia with the wind in your face. Embark on this challenging journey across the Argentina-Chile border, surrounded by glaciers, forests, lakes, streams and the towering Monte Chaltén (also known as Monte Fitz Roy).

The only thing that will take your breath away are the landscapes.

With our electric-powered Surí eBikes, the long uphill ride and wind won't leave you short of breath. We want you to enjoy the scenery even more, to travel even further and to experience the adventure of having no limits.

Get on a world-class eMTB in the remotest part of Patagonia

Surí is the first company to connect this corner of the Patagonia region with the latest generation eMTBs. Our KONA® and ORBEA® electric bikes are two of the most comfortable on the market.

Choose which route along Huella de los Glaciares you want to take via eMTB

It connects the newest and remotest village in Chilean Patagonia,
Candelario Mansilla, with Lago del Desierto in Argentina.21km (and an even smoother ride on our eBikes)

North > South
From: >
Candelario Mancilla
To: >
Lago del Desierto
South > North
From: >
Lago del Desierto
To: >
Candelario Mancilla
Our commitment

To always protect our beloved Patagonia

​At Surí, we have much to thank this region for.
Being there inspired us. It reconnected us with nature, the people and with the soul – it made us a little better.

We want to give a little back, to have a positive impact on this remote region,
and to contribute to its successful and sustainable development.

Be part of the change we want to see in the world.
Come and discover this corner of the Patagonia region and protect it.