Como utilizar los cambios

Tip 1 – Anticípate y pasa los cambios en el momento correcto.

It is very difficult to change gears (and bad for your bike) when pushing the pedals very hard. So get in the habit of downshifting into an easier gear as you come to a stop or begin the approach to a big hill.

If you do have to change on a hill a good thing to try and do is apply a good hard push to the pedals first, to gain a bit of momentum, and then change the gears while pedalling with the pressure off.

Tip 2 – No trates de hacer un cambio cuando estás parado.

Bikes with traditional gearing are designed to be shifted when the pedals are moving, so don’t try to shift when you are stopped.

It’s bad for the bike to shift when the pedals are not turning or under a lot of pressure, therefore try to anticipate your stops, generally shifting to an easier gear before you actually stop, so that you won’t have to change while you’re starting off again.

Tip 3 – Evita cambios bruscos y extremos:

They are called 27 Speed bikes, but there are really only about 21 gears that they’re happy to be in.

When the left shifter is in position 2, the right hand shifter can be in any gear, but when the left shifter is on 1, the bike doesn’t really like to be on 7, 8 or 9 on the right shifter, this is because the chain is on an awkward angle.

Vice Versa when the left shifter is on 3, the bike doesn’t really like to be on 1, 2 or 3 on the right shifter for the same reasons.

It’s hard on your chain and your sprockets to be at extreme angles and it may cause the gears to jump around and make a lot of noise.

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