Cómo cambiar una cámara

Lo que necesitas:

1. Una cámara de recambio (la medida de tu cámara).

2. Desmontador de neumáticos.

3. Inflador.


1. Turn the bike upside down and remove the wheel. If you have rim brakes you will need to disengage the callipers before you can remove the wheel. On the rear wheel, change gear until the chain is located on the smallest sprocket, this helps when removing the wheel as you have more chain length with which to manoeuvre the wheel.

2. Deflate tyre completely and remove dust cap and lock ring (Presta valve).

3. Check the outside of tyre for any obvious signs of damage and remove any perforating objects. If there is a deep gash in which the inflated tube could push through, you will need a new tyre too.

4. Move around the circumference of the tyre pushing inwards and breaking its connection (bead) to the rim.

5. Pick a spot on the tyre and insert a tyre lever down between the tyre and the rim. Use the hooked end to snag the bead and then lever the small section of tyre up over the edge and attach the lever around a spoke. Move 5-10cm along the tyre and do the same with another lever. You may now be able to run the lever around the circumference, popping one side of the tyre off the wheel. If the tyre is tight, you may need to use a third lever, conversely if the tyre is relaxed you may be able to twist it off the rim with only your hands. You only need to remove one side.

6. Now with one side of the wheel off the rim, pull the valve out of the valve hole and remove the tube.

7. Run a bare hand around the inside of the tyre, looking for protrusions, remove any you find.

8. Pump at bit of air into your new tube until it

maintains its shape but sags around where you hold it. This will help with putting it in the tyre and also minimise the chance of the tube getting twisted. Too much air will hamper you getting the tyre back into the rim.

9. Insert valve back through the valve hole. With the tube in place go around the wheel, with both hands starting close then each following the rim in opposite directions, pushing the tyre back into the rim with your thumbs, watch out for the tyre popping out on the reverse side as you go. Depending on the tyre and your thumb strength, you may be able to get the tyre back on with just

you hands, otherwise use the hook of the tyre lever to rest on the rim and push the tyre over the rim for the last small section, and just be careful you don’t pinch the tube.

10. Pump the tyre up fully ensuring that it has pushed into the rim evenly all the way around. Replace dust cap or close lock ring (Presta valve).

11. Insert wheel back onto frame, taking care to ensure the brake callipers or discs are re-engaged properly. On the rear wheel you may need to pull the derailleur down gently in order to realign the sprockets and chain.

12. Ride on!

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